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Steel King's Free-standing ClereSpan® Mezzanine Systems are the solution to expanding useable floor space without expensive leases, costly land acquisition or construction delays. ClereSpan mezzanines and industrial warehouse platforms provide full utilization of both floor-level and platform-level space with no cross bracing between support columns. ClereSpan elevated work platform systems provide flexibility, allowing you to change or expand designs to meet evolving needs.

 ClereSpan Options


ClereSpan Accessories / Options


Decking Surfaces

  • Plywood / Resin Floor

    Provide a smooth work surface with a 1-1/2" roof deck combined with 3/4" tongue-and-groove plywood, polyethylene coated plywood or resin board. Fire retardant plywood products also available.


  • Steel Bar Grating

    Eliminate the need for lower-level sprinkler systems with 1" x 1/8" steel bar grating. The 82% open area permits light penetration and better air flow.

  • Diamond-Textured Steel Plating

    12-gauge diamond-textured steel surface is an excellent option for surfaces subject to intense cleaning, heavy traffic, or abuse. Commonly used for stair landings, in may also be specified for part or all of the flooring area.

  • Other Options

    Concrete on roof deck, OSB or particle board on roof deck, plank grating and press lock grating are other options for deck surfaces.


Stairs and Landing Platforms

  • Diamond-textured steel plating or bar grating treads available.
  • Diamond-textured treads available with closed or open risers.
  • Stairs and railings meet code requirements for rise, run, width and openings.
  • Exterior landings are supported by 3" x 3" tubes.

 Handrail and Kick Plates

  • Kick plates present a clean and attractive appearance on all sides.
  • Kick plates designed to hide the exposed edges of flooring and painted to blend with the framing members.
  • Horizontal handrails are constructed of 14-gauge 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" square tube.
  • Handrail posts are constructed of 14-gauge 2" x 2" square tube.
  • Handrail posts simply clip over the frame and are secured using self tapping screws.
  • Factory manufactured handrail and kick plate corner sections.
  • Decking-to-wall option available for added storage and eliminating handrails.


  • Access any point on the mezzanine quickly and easily with a Steel King gate.
  • 3' x 5' lift gates opens a total clear space, with no posts to maneuver around.
  • 4' x 6' sliding gates are excellent options for tight areas.
  • 5' x 8' swing gates are idea for forklift and palletized loading. They can be designed to swing-in or out and come equipped with spring loaded dual safety locks.


  • All Steel King's ClereSpan mezzanine components are painted with a high-performance, powder-coat finish. There are 12 standard colors to choose from.


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