First crush

Posted on Feb 14, 2018

Everyone remembers their first crush.

Ours was Steel King’s SK2000 CLOSED BACK roll-form rack.

It was Chicago at ProMat in the middle of the expo floor – amidst the crowds and the noise.  A section of SK2000 pallet rack and an open back rack of the same gauge were exposed to the same impact in a dramatic head-to-head comparison test.  (See video below.)


Both column sections were placed into a machine and hit with the same force as a forklift at roughly 5 mph …  The SK2000 was pulled from the machine with barely a scratch.  The competition was crushed flat.

Steel King’s fully closed SK2000 rack out-performed the open back racking in every comparison test – from the front, from the side … and twisted.  The result was clear.  Independent engineering tests confirmed that, when compared to open back column, SK2000® has:

  •    250% more frontal impact strength
  •    44 times more resistance to twisting
  •    68% more side impact resistance

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