Guard Rail Safety Gate- Heavy Duty

Manufactured to the same standards as our Steel Guard® industrial guard rails, the steel safety gate can be ordered as part of a new installation or retro-fitted into an existing system.

Steel King’s Self-Closing Safety Gates use heavy, 11-gauge corrugated steel rails and are designed to fit a 48” post-to-post center line within a protective railing system.  The gate is shipped with hinge assembly on one side of the gate and two gate stops on the opposite side. Hardware is included. The Safety Gates are easily installed without cutting, welding or drilling.

Steel King’s Self Closing Gate’s swing direction is versatile, which allows you to re-purpose gates as required. Changing the direction of the gate is as simple as removing a few bolts and flipping the gate in the direction needed.  Steel spring automatically closes gate after passage is complete.

Gates are shipped completely assembled and ready for installation.

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