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Dynamic Rack

Dynamic Pallet Racking is the term used to describe storage solutions which use mechanical or gravitational forces to move pallets within the racking system, including gravity flow racking and pushback racking.

These Dynamic Pallet Racking solutions transform traditional warehouse storage by enabling companies to maximize storage capacity in the minimum floor space while, at the same time, reducing travel times and operational costs.

Flow Racking provides a high-density storage solution by storing pallets on inclined roller rails. Pallets are loaded from one end, and gravity allows them to be unloaded from the other, providing a great depth of storage and accessibility without the need for added aisle space.

Pushback Racking delivers a high-density storage solution by storing pallets in a block of racking from 2-6 pallets deep using a cart system to accommodate the pallets. The carts are placed on inclined steel tracks which are pushed back iby the forklift during the loading process. When pallets are retrieved from the system, gravity forces the next pallet to move down the incline and present itself at the front of the system.

Dynamic pallet racking advantages

  • Improved handling times.
  • Better use of space. No aisles needed between pallets.
  • Gravity flow racks are optimal for perishable products. FIFO: first in, first out.

Dynamic Rack Product Subcategories

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