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Steel King engineers pick modules so you can maximize your space and your work flow.

Pick Modules

Material Handling Rack is Ideal for eCommerce
When you need an efficient way to fulfill multiple SKU customer shipments quickly and accurately, rely on Steel King® to create a custom Pick Module for you. Built by combining dynamic rack systems with conveyors or other flow components, you can expect enhanced productivity and cost savings.

Advantages to creating a Pick Module include incorporating a multi-level system that enables superior space utilization, allows for dense product storage and reduces material handling. Signs that a Pick Module system is right for you include the need for pallet building – where multiple cases of product are being re-palletized to ship to a different location or kitting – where multiple small parts are being assembled to make one complete part in another area of the facility or is being packed for shipping. In other words, it’s an ideal solution for broken pallet or broken carton order fulfillment.

Some industries utilizing Pick Modules include:

  • Food
  • Retail
  • Specialty distribution
  • Electronics
  • Parts manufacturers
  • Drug companies
  • E-commerce

Single-Source Responsibility

Steel King Pick Modules are solutions that meet the demands of today’s marketplace. Because systems are engineered and manufactured by one company, you’re assured a comprehensive, integrated material storage and handling solution, with single-source responsibility for every component in your system.


  • Efficient storage of a high number of SKUs
  • Efficient picking rates
  • Accommodates bulk storage areas and partial carton storage

Typical Applications:

  • High-volume distribution centers
  • eCommerce fulfillment

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