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Drop Bottom Storage Containers

For many years, Steel King’s customer container division has been known for our custom designed containers for a wide variety of industrial uses. Every now and then we run into an application that obviously could be a great benefit to many businesses.  The Drop-Bottom Container with Bar Grate decking is one of those products.

  • Drop Bottom Containers are an excellent solution for foundry and forging operations. Ventilation holes are punched on container sides to facilitate easy ventilation and cooling of your product.
  • Bar Grate decking allows dirt and debris to fall through keeping your forgings clean.
  • A hinged deck allows for easy release of your materials when cooled. Includes a locking latch assembly to prevent parts from discharging until bail comes in contact with engagement angle on work stand.

Drop Bottom Containers can be made to order in a wide variety of sizes, please contact Steel King with your configurations and requirements.


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Drop Bottom Storage Containers
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