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Our mission is to create long-term customer relationships by providing competitively superior material handling solutions.

Our Philosophies:

We will strive to foster an environment that facilitates personal and professional development. We want to challenge our employees to take advantage of these opportunities.

We will value both individual initiative and constructive participation in team efforts.

We will be attuned to the changing needs of the market. We will anticipate and respond rapidly to changing market conditions and requirements.

We will provide prompt, courteous, and effective service to our distributors, end users, and internal customers.

We will offer a variety of products, be willing to customize these products to better meet customer needs, and be willing and able to develop new products to address changes affecting our customers.

When we make a mistake, we will take responsibility for it. When a problem occurs that is not of our making, we will help to identify solutions to the problem.

To provide service on a local level, we will establish and support a network of distributors. We will attract the best distributors in each market, by providing leading edge products, superior service, marketing and sales support, and pricing competitive enough to allow them to be the dominant resellers in their markets. We will treat our distributors as we would our end users and employees.

We must educate the market about the implications of alternative solutions. It is in everyone’s best interest that we refuse to provide those alternatives that are not in the end user’s own best interest. Quality, design integrity, safety, and long-term cost-effectiveness shall drive our efforts.

The prices that we charge will be sufficient to cover the costs necessary to achieve our mission. These include:

  • Development and manufacture of the superior features of our products;
  • Fair wages and benefits for our employees;
  • Staffing levels adequate in quantity and quality to provide superior service;
  • Investment in more efficient equipment and facilities;
  • And the long-term viability of the company.

Steel King is and will continue to be a great place to work. Our employees, distributors, end users, vendors, consultants, and competitors will recognize us as a great company to be associated with.

Our Values:

  • Treat everyone with respect, fairness, and dignity
  • Be honest and trustworthy
  • Act with integrity
  • Build constructive, supportive relationships with others
  • Help each other to improve
  • Communicate
  • Be accountable
  • Focus on the positive
  • Embrace “problems” as opportunities to learn, and exhibit our skills
  • Be innovative. We will not accept the status quo
  • Embrace change as a necessary element of growth
  • Be responsive
  • Think and act with a sense of urgency
  • Continuously improve and learn
  • Not take success for granted
  • Be proud of quality work
  • Not accept mediocrity
  • Do whatever it takes to get the job done
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