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Round Corner Corrugated Containers

Heavy corrugated steel sides and deck make Steel King’s round corner corrugated containers a rugged and durable general purpose container. Universal stacking feet provide easy stackability. Looking for low cost bulk storage for parts, etc.? Look no further: Round Corner Containers are the answer.

  • Stackable 4 High while loaded
  • 4000# Capacity each
  • 1/4” Universal Stacking Legs


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Round Corner Corrugated Containers  RCCM324024VG  Round Corner Corrugated Containers  Weight: 205.0#
Color: Vista Green
Length: 33.5"
Width/Depth: 41.5"
Height: 28.5"
Round Corner Corrugated Containers  RCCM404824VG  Round Corner Corrugated Containers  Weight: 258.0#
Color: Vista Green
Length: 41.5"
Width/Depth: 49.5"
Height: 28.5"
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