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Pallet Rack Solutions

Is It Safe to Buy Used Pallet Rack?

Posted on Jun 9, 2022
Buying used industrial racking may be okay for straightforward use; but for complexity, longevity, expansion, or seismic issues, a new rack is best. In the tough economy, many warehouse managers and owners are tempted to save a little by purchasing [read more...]
When properly designed to meet the specific inventory and storage requirements, pallet flow racks maximize storage space and improve shipping logistics. Any warehouse or distribution center with limited floor space that needs high-density storage or automatic rotation of inventory on [read more...]
Can a rack system in a cold storage facility be changed out without taking operations offline? Americold did it with the help of their long-time rack manufacturing partner. Americold, a global provider of temperature-controlled infrastructure, knew a significant amount of [read more...]

New Quick Ship stocking location

Posted on May 16, 2019
When you’re competing for business, what’s important to your customers? Quality product? Faster service? Less expensive shipping? What if you could have all three? Steel King is excited to announce that many of our most popular Quick Ship products are [read more...]
Rugged drive-in rack enhances longevity and access for Cold Storage Distributor To meet retailer demand for efficient cold chain distribution east of the Mississippi River, Manfredi Cold Storage has had to keep expanding its Kennett Square, Pennsylvania facility. Just recently [read more...]