Keg Flow Rack

A high density, beverage storage system

Steel King® continues its history of product innovation with Keg Flow, a customizable storage system designed for brewery applications. The gravity fed rollers form keg flow lanes that accommodate a sixth-barrel size.

Space saving

Ideal for Last In/First Out inventory rotation, the system allows you to easily store multiple product SKUs in a way that opens up valuable floor space. Your product is always easily accessible, with ergonomic access from either the front or back of the unit at any time.


Multiple configuration options are available with up to two levels of roller system and up to two levels of traditional storage above.*

  • Durable, all-steel keg flow insert works with most pallet rack systems. Add to new or existing rack for an affordable keg storage upgrade.
  • 24″ wide flow lane is perfect for 1/6 barrel kegs, the most common craft keg size, so it can accommodate most of your craft brew inventory.
  • Provides greater storage density with more pick faces than traditional pallet storage. Get more out of your valuable warehouse space.
  • Significantly improves picking efficiency. SKUs stay organized in separate lanes, and kegs roll to the front of the rack for safer, more comfortable handling.
  • Simplifies first-in, first-out product flow: load kegs in the back of the rack and pick from the front. Front-loading also possible on shorter rack depths.

In-stock and easy to install

The Keg Flow system ships within 48 hours and is easily installed with just two people.