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For agricultural warehousing, storage is an important function because it involves holding and preserving goods from the time they’re produced until they are needed for consumption. The right storage environment will protect the quality of perishable and semi-perishable inventory until it reaches the market. Proper storage helps in stabilizing prices with the ability to adjust demand and supply. Because some agricultural goods have seasonal demand, storage becomes necessary so production can continue uninterrupted.

Whether you store raw or processed commodities, you need a partner who knows your business. Steel King® knows that timing, inventory control and sanitary conditions are all critical to a successful operation. We have engineered unique features on many of our material handling products to optimize storage including angled surfaces and fewer holes to prevent accumulation of dust and debris, easy-to-clean rack columns, and components that hold up to the rigors of cold storage environments.

  • SK2000® Boltless Rack and SK2500® Bolted closed back tubular rack can be used as Selective storage, Double Deep or for Pallet Flow
  • SK3000® Structural Channel Rack is useful in refrigerated warehouse applications and can be used in the construction of Selective, Pallet Flow and Drive In Storage / Drive Thru racking.
  • SK4000® Structural Tubular Rack is a heavy duty rack ideal for sanitary applications in temperature-controlled storage environments. Our sanitary version has welded on caps and fewer holes to catch debris. This industrial rack offers great impact resistance.
  • SK3400® Pallet Flow Rack is a high density storage option for FIFO inventory control. Pallet Flow systems are a two part flow storage system consisting of wheeled flow rails set into a stationary rack structure, enabling space savings and better inventory control for perishable and time sensitive products. The SK3400 Pallet Flow system is entirely gravity fed.
  • Cantilever Rack is a forklift friendly pallet rack because it uses arms to hold product, eliminating the need for a front column and provides easy loading and unloading. Arms are adjustable vertically. Cantilever storage rack easily accommodates long, bulky or oddly shaped loads and is also available in an I-Beam rack configuration.
  • Steel industrial Containers have multiple uses in an agricultural warehouse environment.
  • KingLoad Steel Pallet is a multi-use steel pallet that is more sanitary than wood and has a long life. Standard capacity on the KingLoad is 5,800 pounds.

The best investment you can make for your personnel, equipment and inventory is safety equipment that protects your racking. Steel King® carries a full line of guard rail, rack column protectors and other safety products.

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