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If you’re a logistics professional in the eCommerce warehousing field, you’re in a high growth industry. Some experts estimate activity tripled within the last six years and is poised for more growth in the future.

Automation and innovation are critical to success not only in today’s environment, but to position your company for the future. With customers demanding faster delivery while shipping to an increasing number of locations, and on-time delivery status transparency, the purchase-to-delivery cycle is shorter than ever before.


What does this mean for you? There are demands on warehousing for increased picking accuracy, implementation of emerging technology, minimizing shipping cost, and gaining labor efficiencies.

Companies will continue to innovate to address challenges. Because of this, alignment of OES pallet rack manufacturers with other integrators is important and vital. Recognizing one size does not fit all, Steel King® specializes in designing customer-specific pick modules and automated systems for retail distribution centers. These large, rack-supported, multi-level systems maximize efficiency within the distribution center by integrating conveyors and gravity flow systems to move product.

    • Pick Modules allow for dense product storage, reduced material handling and are ideal for broken pallet or broken carton order fulfillment.
    • To speed fulfillment, distribution centers are being built near densely populated areas. With a smaller footprint than traditional warehousing, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems are taller and being built with more automation. Steel King® has designed and built free-standing and rack-supported AS/RS systems as high as 120 feet.
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