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Warehouse and logistic professionals in the Food & Beverage warehousing industry are operating within a constantly evolving environment. Your industry faces many challenges by the processing, packaging, storing and distribution of the products we eat and drink. You may now be exploring more automated storage and product movement options. If you’re involved in food e-commerce, you have a need to fulfill multiple SKUs when picking meal delivery orders for consumers, or in larger quantities to brick and mortar partners.

Your competitive advantage lies in being responsive to consumer demand, and reflecting those changes in your warehousing rack and technology selections.


Let Steel King® help design material handling storage solutions to address these challenges. With industrial pallet racks for food and beverages warehouses including selective, dynamic, AS/RS and pick modules for storage in temperature controlled environments, we offer a wide depth of product lines including:

  • Closed Back Tubular SK2000® Boltless Rack and SK2500® Bolted Closed Back Tubular Rack are used for selective rack applications as well as the foundation for other rack configurations
  • SK3000® Structural Channel heavy duty rack is a top choice for refrigerated or other food warehouse applications where selective storage is needed. It is easy to maintain sanitary conditions and creates a strong foundation for other rack configurations, including Pallet Flow, Pushback, Drive-In / Drive Thru racking, and Over Dock pallet storage rack
  • SK4000® Structural Tubular Rack is designed for sanitary applications in a temperature food and beverage storage environment. This rack has welded on caps and fewer holes to catch debris. It is a top choice for Drive In storage as it offers greater impact resistance.
  • Steel King’s dynamic flow rack includes SK3400® Pallet Flow Rack, designed for FIFO inventory control as well as SK3600® Pushback Rack, for use in LIFO inventory control applications. We also offer Keg Flow, a custom steel rack for six barrel beer storage.
  • Our Drive-In rack is a go-to material handling rack solution for coolers and blast freezers used for both food and beverage storage.
  • AS/RS are rack supported structures and can be designed for use in fully refrigerated environments.
  • The need to process multiple SKUs quickly and accurately can be achieved with a custom Pick Module system engineered specifically for your application.

Steel King® offers other products to meet the needs of busy warehouse and storage facilities such as yours with Work Platforms and a complete line of rack column protection products.

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