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Special Markets

Bulky or Oddly Shaped Product

Your storage solution for long, bulky or oddly shaped product, including furniture

Uninterrupted shelving lengths, taller racking capabilities, and fire-code-friendly decking materials – cantilever furniture racks maximize your storage capacity and efficiency.

Cantilever rack allows flexible storage lengths for products such as furniture.

Increased Safety

  • Steel King’s open-web design allows for the installation of in-rack sprinklers.
  • The three open-shelf deck options: bar grating, plank grating or punched corrugated decking, comply with stringent fire code requirements.
  • Customizing your system for unique loading or more stringent seismic requirements is no problem.


  • Bolt-on arms
  • Grade 5 bolts with vibration-proof nuts
  • Down-aisle horizontal and diagonal bracing
  • 50,000 PSI steel
  • Shelf beams and crossbars for proper deck support

Open-Web Cantilever Racks

  • Open-web allows in-rack sprinkler systems to be installed within the upright frames – maximizing storage space and protecting sprinkler heads from damage.
  • A variety of base design options make product storage on the floor possible.
  • Top ties are incorporated for added stability.
  • Arms adjust vertically in 2″ increments.

Closed-Column Cantilever Racks

  • Closed-column racks are ideal for free-standing units and single-aisle applications.
  • Top ties are optional.
  • Welded or bolted base channels are available.
  • Use closed-column racks for heavy-duty loads.
  • Arms adjust vertically in 3″ increments.

Options and Accessories

  • Concrete-filled flared entry guides
  • Offset arms and bases at row ends
  • Guide rails
  • Choose from a variety of decking materials
  • Professional Engineer (PE) Certification for seismic compliance available
  • Load and capacity identification rating tags
  • End-cap storage design options
  • Durable powder coat finish available, choose from 12 standard colors

Selective Racks

To accommodate heavier, deeper loads, use Steel King’s Selective Rack.

When combined with cantilever rack, you can achieve a storage system capable of handling complete line of furniture and accessories.


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