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If you’re in the pharmaceutical warehousing industry, you recognize there are lifesaving cures in your warehouse, and the conditions and requirements related to drug storage are even stricter than those applied to food. We know your pallet racking warehouse needs are unique, and that you require an engineered system that optimizes workflow, increases your pick speed, and maximizes product density storage in an environment that is highly regulated. There is also a need for constant tracking to ensure accurate product delivery and order fulfillment in a security intense environment.

Work with a warehouse-racking supplier who understands these challenges and your current needs, as well as positions your warehouse for future growth.

Because pharmaceutical storage requires controlled temperature and humidity conditions, rest assured that our precision-engineered, powdered-coated products perform well in climate-controlled environments. Not only visually appealing, paint colors can be used for product differentiation or to color code warehouse zones or processes.

Steel King® has a full line of products that fit the needs of the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Closed Back Tubular SK200® Boltless Rack and SK2500® Bolted Teardrop Rack provide a solid foundation for systems such as Double Deep and Pick Module systems.
  • SK3000® Structural Rack is ideal for temperature-controlled warehouse applications for Selective, Pallet Flow, Pushback racking systems, and Drive-In storage.
  • SK4000® Structural Tubular Rack is a hybrid rack that contains the benefits of our closed-back tubular rack with the strength and impact resistance offered by structural channel rack. Our sanitary version with welded-on caps and fewer holes is a popular choice for controlled environments.
  • Our gravity flow storage systems are built with high-performance components. Our dynamic product line provides high-density product storage and includes SK3400® Pallet Flow Rack for FIFO storage and SK3600® Pushback Rack for LIFO storage.
  • Steel King® has years of experience in the Automated Storage and Retrieval System market, including climate-controlled systems.

To satisfy other material handling requirements in the warehouse environment, we offer work platforms, custom shipping racks, portable racks, industrial guard rails, and rack column protectors.

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