Special offer for MODEX visitors

Pallet rack – the foundation on which warehouse systems are built

Steel King’s MODEX booth visitors were able to take part in hands-on demonstrations showing the strength of our closed back tubular rack. If you didn’t make it to our booth, view this video.

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned professional, you’re searching for safe, high performing pallet rack that meets the demands of today’s busy warehouse environment. SK2000 does just that. It’s the foundation on which warehouse systems are built.

What sets us apart? Our closed tube design gives columns 47% more frontal impact strength and 68% greater side impact resistance than an open back column.

Put the strength of SK2000 to work for you. Reduced damage equals less maintenance, and a longer life.

Which one do you want in your warehouse?

Planning a new rack project? Click here to download the 2018 Rack System Design & Buyer’s Guide.