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A-Frame Rack

Industrial racking for vertical storage

Steel King® A-Frame Vertical Storage Racks are ideal for building material storage or other hand-loaded, long, slender shaped material, such as moldings, trims, lumber, ladders and gutters.

A-Frame rack is fully adjustable with dividers that can be moved at 2″ increments

A-Frame Storage Racks incorporate a unique framework, utilizing our SK2000® boltless pallet rack columns.  Columns are angled back so when materials are stored vertically they lean back against the A-Frame rack’s framework.  This framework supports your material evenly and frequently all along its length.

The arms on the A-Frame vertical storage racks create pockets or bins for each of your SKU’s. The A-Frame rack’s dividers can be adjusted to change the pocket size.  Adjustments can be made in 2″ increments.

Single-Sided A-Frame

Steel King’s A-Frame Vertical Storage Racks are available in both single and double sided configurations.

  • Single-sided A-Frame Racks can be used against a wall or other obstruction.
  • Double-sided A-Frame Racks are more efficient where space and layout allows.

Custom modifications are also available to suit your product and space.

Modified A-Frame – includes lower front beam that prevents slippage of the product, smaller footprint and can have storage on top level.

For more information about A-Frame Vertical Storage Racks and other specialty storage racks,
contact Steel King today.

Part NumberHeightWeight (Lbs)
AFRBPSS096Single‐sided A‐Frame 96″ tall65.8
AFRBPSS120Single‐sided A‐Frame 120″ tall75.4
AFRBPSS144Single‐sided A‐Frame 144″ tall83.0
AFRBPSS168Single‐sided A‐Frame 168″ tall96.8
AFRBPSS216Single‐sided A‐Frame 216″ tall124.5

Note: All Bases are 51″ Long on the Single Sided A‐Frame Uprights

Double Sided A-Frame (Bases sold separately and are bolted on)

Part NumberHeightWeight (Lbs)
AFRBP096Double‐sided A‐Frame 96″ tall48.0
AFRBP120Double‐sided A‐Frame 120″ tall60.0
AFRBP144Double‐sided A‐Frame 144″ tall70.0
AFRBP168Double‐sided A‐Frame 168″ tall81.1
AFRBP216Double‐sided A‐Frame 216″ tall101.8

Bases for Double Sided A-Frame

Part NumberLengthWeight (Lbs)
AFBDS06060″ long28.4
AFBDS07272″ long34.0
AFBDS08484″ long39.7
AFBDS09696″ long45.4

Note: For Uprights AFRBP168 and AFRBP216, the Base must be AT LEAST 72″ long.

A-Frame Beams

NOTE: Minimum of 2 beams required, 3 beams required for heights of 144″ or taller

Part NumberLengthWeight (LBS)
DBABP036Beam 36″ long9.6
DBABP048Beam 48″ long12.1
DBABP054Beam 54″ long13.4
DBABP060Beam 60″ long14.3
DBABP072Beam 72″ long17.2
DBABP084Beam 84″ long20.1
DBABP096Beam 96″ long22.2
DBABP108Beam 108″ long24.8
DBABP120Beam 120″ long27.4
DBABP132Beam 132″ long31.5
DBABP144Beam 144″ long32.4

A-Frame Divider Arms

Note: The Divider Arms are only for dividing, not designed to support weight.

Part NumberLengthWeight (LBS)
SDRXG01818″ long Arm3.1
SDRXG02424″ long Arm4.4
SDRXG03030″ long Arm5.2
SDRXG03333″ long Arm5.5
SDRXG03535″ long Arm5.8
SDRXG03636″ long Arm6.0
SDRXG03939″ long Arm6.4
SDRXG04242″ long Arm6.9
SDRXG04545″ long Arm7.2
SDRXG04646″ long Arm7.4
SDRXG04848″ long Arm7.7
SDRXG05757″ long Arm8.8
SDRXG06060″ long Arm9.2

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