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Armor Guard medium duty guard rail

Armor Guard® industrial safety railing is the perfect economical safety solution for separating your people areas – work stations and walkways – from light shop traffic.

  • Modular design makes expansion or relocation easy
  • Universal posts have connection holes on three sides allowing you to create barriers for your unique needs.

Need help designing your guard rail system? We’re here to help! These are the basics:

Choose the height of your system. Armor Guard is available in either single or triple high.

Choose Post Type. Standard corner posts are available. Center posts are available in four options: standard, standard offset, end offset and side offset.

Choose your rail lengths. Note that rails are measured from post-to-post, on center; actual rail component will be 3″ shorter than the specified length on Armor Guard. Lift-out pockets increase center-to-center dimension by 1″.

Choose bolted or lift-out rail. The lift-out rail provides equipment protection while still enabling easy access when needed.

Choose your configuration. Options include straight, optional side angled, and vertically angled.

We will be happy to recommend the products right for your environment.

Steel King also carries a full line of safety accessories including Safety Gates, which can be ordered as part of a new installation or retrofitted into an existing system. They’re self-closing and include a hinge assembly on one side of the gate and two gate stops on the opposite side, for hanging in either direction.

Many standard Armor Guard products are available through our 48 Hour Quick Ship program.

We also carry a heavy duty line of safety products. Please see our Steel Guard® page for product information.

Gauge 11-gauge steel, 2 ribs
Rail Dimensions 9-3/4″ high x 2-1/2″ deep
Posts  3″ square, 1/4″ wall, 8″ x 8″ base plates
Connections  2-bolt, pre-tapped holes
Post types  
  • Universal post
  • Corner offset
  • Side offset

Protect pedestrians from equipment areas and traffic lanes

Heights  Available in single-high or  triple-high

Medium duty


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