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Steel Coil Racks

Is your company still storing your coils or coil saddles on the floor?

The key to efficient storage

  • Can you quickly find any coil in your warehouse?
  • Are your coils easy to get at when you need one?
  • Does your storage consist of steel coil storage pads or steel coil floor pads alone? Or steel coil saddles left on the floor?
  • Have any of your coils been damaged due to less than ideal light duty storage locations?

Coil racks are a simple solution that can save you valuable production space, as well as increase efficiency and safety.

Steel King’s high capacity coil racks can stack up to 4 high, saving you valuable warehouse space.

  • Store coil diameters up to 72”
  • Capacities up to 20,000 lbs
  • 4 way entry
  • Move with fork lifts or crane
  • Stack up to 4 high


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