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Custom Shipping Racks

Steel King® specializes in the production of custom returnable steel shipping racks. More durable than wooden skids or throwaway containers made of cardboard or wood, they’re also environmentally friendly.

The possibilities are endless!

It all starts with the design process. Product engineers will analyze your operational needs to design a custom rack. Our experience and manufacturing capabilities ensure custom shipping racks are built to the strictest tolerances.

Over the years, Steel King® has developed hundreds of shipping racks for parts such as windows, engines, doors, bumpers, lawn mowers, mufflers, multiple component kit racks and everything in between. Our racks are structurally stable for up to 2 or 3-high shipping, and up to 6-high warehouse stacking.


Let us show you how our custom designed shipping racks can help you cube out a trailer or shipping container and save on shipping costs. Calculate your ROI using our cost saving shipping containers and you will see what a value they offer. We offer total design services for these stackable shipping racks.

Often we can design a custom rack with no more than a prototype of the part to be shipped. Our product design team will deliver a solution that will hold your items securely in a cost effective stack rack. Many types of interior protective dunnage are used to keep your parts from being damaged during transit.


Click thumbnail images to see some of our work. Send us your product photos and specifications, and we will design your rack to your product.


Shipping racks are available with a variety of customizable options including:

  • Folding columns
  • Fork tubes
  • Gas springs
  • Removable columns
  • Straps
  • Custom dunnage
  • Casters
  • Bags
  • Painted/galvanized

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