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Steel King’s a leader in manufacturing pallet racking systems, industrial steel containers, guard railing, and work platforms because of the people behind our products. Making products that last means taking pride in our people. Let Steel King deliver the solutions to meet your operation, space, and budget needs. Here’s a look at some of Steel King employees.

Dalene Johnson – Corporate Recruiter

Ryan Molle – Inside Sales Technical Support

Dalene Johnson
Corporate Recruiter

  • What’s a day in the life at work like for you?
    “A day in the life as a Recruiter is filled with diverse tasks. No two days are ever the same, which keeps the role exciting and fast-paced. My day typically starts with reviewing resumes and screening candidates, identifying top talent that aligns with our company’s needs and culture. Throughout the day, I may conduct phone screenings, schedule interviews, and coordinate with hiring managers to ensure a smooth recruitment process. I also spend time networking, reaching out to potential candidates through various channels, attending Hiring events, and much more. Additionally, I handle administrative tasks such as updating job postings and facilitating the onboarding process for new hires.”
  • What’s the best advice you were ever given?
    “The best advice I’ve ever received is to remember that ‘your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, and how you leave others after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.’ This quote resonates with me deeply because it emphasizes the importance of authenticity, kindness, and leaving a positive impression on others. I strive to embody this advice in both my personal and professional life, understanding that the way I interact with others shapes my reputation and impacts the relationships I build. By prioritizing genuine connections, empathy, and positivity, I aim to leave a lasting and meaningful impact on everyone I encounter.”
  • What skills does someone in your role need?
    “In my role, being a people person is essential. Building relationships with candidates, understanding their needs, and effectively communicating with them are crucial aspects of recruiting. Additionally, the ability to multitask is indispensable. Recruiting often involves managing multiple tasks simultaneously, from sourcing candidates to coordinating interviews and managing job offers. Being able to prioritize and juggle these tasks efficiently ensures that no candidate falls through the cracks and that hiring processes run smoothly. Adaptability, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail are also valuable traits for success in this role.”
  • What do you do away from work?
    “I am the Co-Founder of a non-profit organization, SiStar Society Academy of Excellence in Appleton WI. Where we offer a supportive community for young minority girls to thrive and learn valuable life skills. In addition, I am a new GiGi to a bouncing baby boy so my plate is full!”
  • What made you choose Steel King?
    “Choosing to work at Steel King was an easy decision for me. The company’s culture immediately resonated with me, and I found myself surrounded by supportive colleagues who understood my passion for recruiting. Additionally, the stability that Steel King offers in doing what I love gives me the confidence to excel in my role and make a meaningful impact. Overall, Steel King provides the perfect combination of culture, people, and stability, making it an ideal fit for me professionally and personally.”
  • Something most people don’t know about me?
    “One aspect of my life that many people may not be aware of is the health challenges I’ve faced. In 2005, I was diagnosed with a rare condition known as Chiari malformation, which led to multiple brain surgeries and a permanent VP Shunt (a permanent tube inserted into my brain to help regulate pressure). Navigating through these difficult times was certainly not easy. However, overcoming these obstacles has instilled in me a profound sense of gratitude, reminding me to cherish every moment and embrace life to the fullest extent possible.”
  • Family info:
    “I’m the fourth of five siblings and a proud mother of three wonderful children: two boys aged 25 and 23, and a lovely 13-year-old daughter. Recently, I’ve had the joy of becoming a grandma (GiGI), to a precious baby boy born on April 22nd.”
Ryan Molle
Inside Sales Technical Support

  • What’s a day in the life at work like for you?
    “Majority of the day is spent working with customers to figure out what type of rack they are looking for and getting them a precise quote with the materials they need in a timely manner. Other parts of my day are spent working with engineering to see how we can support very heavy loads or out of the ordinary products. Also, working with design on orders to make sure we have functionality built into every order we send out.”
  • What’s the best advice you were ever given?
    “It’s essential to keep in mind that no matter how bad your day can be, it should never spill over into your interactions with other people around you. As good leadership involves keeping a positive attitude with everyone you meet.”
  • What skills does someone in your role need?
    “Ability to use AutoCAD, mathematical skills, knowledge of Microsoft Office, Be able to make quick decisions. Works well in a team environment.”
  • What do you do away from work?
    “In my free time I enjoy going skiing, hiking, hunting, anything outdoors, and working on vehicles. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family.”
  • What made you choose Steel King?
    “Steel King to me is reputable company with opportunities to grow and support me in growing my career. The people here are amazing to work with, very helpful, and friendly.”