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Pallet Load Stops and Load Supports

Protect your stock from falls and fire

Pallet load stop beams are designed to prevent pallets of product from being accidentally pushed off the back of a rack during loading or unloading.

But did you know that pallet safety stops also help to maintain the required flue space between your rows of racks that allow for ventilation and fire suppression?  Without maintaining adequate spacing, the sprinklers above your racks will not be able to penetrate product stored in racks and will not provide adequate fire suppression.

Pallet stop units bolt securely to rack uprights, making them repositionable in the event that your rack load changes. They are available for both roll-form and structural rack application.

Pallet load stops are not the only solution for safe storage. For weak pallets or non-standard load sizes, you may want to consider load supports to help keep loads from falling through or between the rack beams supporting your product.

For more complete protection, welded-wire rack decking and perforated metal decking provide protection for weak pallets as well as small items that may come loose from a load, while still providing sprinkler access.

Barriers or Netting. To prevent loose products from sliding, overturning or toppling off a rack—particularly where rack is adjacent to walking aisles or work areas, frame accessories such as flexible woven netting or steel mesh barriers can be attached to the rack system to prevent loads from falling and causing injury.

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