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SK2000 pallet rack creates a durable, cost-effective framework for selective rack storage.
Steel King's teardrop roll-form has the strength for use in specialty applications, like this cable reel rack.
The backbone of a fulfillment center, SK2000 has the strength to be used for both selective storage and the pick module itself.
Unlike open back roll-form, Steel King's SK2000 has the durability for high-turnover applications, such as pick modules.
SK2000 pallet rack creates a durable, cost-effective framework for selective rack storage.
SK2000 has set quality standards for roll-form rack year after year.
SK2000 roll-form pick module
Pick module drive-through tunnel
Distribution center with bulk storage and pick module

SK2000® Boltless Tubular Pallet Rack

The roll-form, closed tube rack for added strength

Roll-formed steel is a popular and versatile selection for pallet racking due to its light weight. With today’s demand for safe, high performance structures, Steel King’s roll-formed racking has become an industry standard. It’s boltless design makes it easy to assemble without tools.

Steel King’s columns and beams are formed from high-strength American-made steel, continuously welded into closed-back sections, providing exceptional strength and dramatically increased durability compared to other products on the market.

Its boltless design, with auto-engaging safety locks and teardrop connections, makes it easy to install without tools, which can lead to faster install times and less expensive installation.

Steel King’s teardrop pallet rack is stronger

The strength of Steel King’s SK2000® closed-back upright frames make our rack safer and more functional than open-back rack. In fact, independent engineering tests have confirmed that, when compared to open-back column, SK2000® pallet racking has:

  •    250% more front impact strength
  •    44 times more twist resistance
  •    68% more side impact resistance

Columns / Frames are available in multiple sizes and thicknesses.

Step Beams are made from the same high-strength closed tubing as the columns and are available in many profiles and lengths.

Bracing is secured with full fillet weld that is 4 times more weld than many competitors’ racks.

The light weight and strength of SK2000 boltless tubular rack make it an ideal choice for selective rack, gravity flow, pushback and pick modules.

Whether you’re warehousing inventory or have special fulfillment requirements, Steel King is always available to help you analyze your pallet racking needs to develop a system that works for you.


To minimize forklift damage and take durability to the next level, consider factory installed Column Core inserts.

Need rack quickly?

Steel King offers more than 200 products in its 48-hour Quick Ship program.

Column Core provides added strength to your rack system to protect against inevitable forklift damage, making it five times more impact resistance at the front corners and side. You have the ability to reinforce only as high as needed and you retain full beam adjustability. Pallet Load Stop Beam Double Reinforced Column Welded Column Protector Snap Guard Pallet Support Options Double Deep Pallet Support

Products come in 13 standard colors. Custom colors are also available.

Mist White Vista Green
Platinum Kelly Green
Yellow Arctic Blue

apricot powder coat

Apricot Precaution Blue
Poppy Orange Navy Blue
Fire Engine Red Black
Castle Gray   Steel King color chart 2013

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