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SK3600 Pushback Rack

The SK3600® Pushback racking system is ideal for Last In, First Out inventory

SK3600 Pushback Rack is a high-density storage system that allows you to store pallets 2- to 5-deep while retaining easy access to a variety of different SKUs. Each level or lane is independently accessible and allows up to 90% more product storage than selective rack systems.

Unlike other rack systems such as drive-in, each level is independently accessible. With high-density storage systems, fewer aisles and forklifts are needed.

Because Steel King manufactures both the cart system and racking, you’re always assured a perfect fit. Carts are welded and do not need field-assembly. This means they are guaranteed to be square with no adjustment required.

Heavy-duty components provide capacities of up to 3,000 pounds per cart. The supporting rack structure can be manufactured with either roll-form steel components or structural channel, depending upon your capacity requirements.

To load the system, pallets are placed by forklift on nested carts, which ride on inclined rails. Each pallet is then pushed back by the loading of a subsequent pallet, which exposes the next cart.

During unloading, the front pallet is removed, allowing the other carts to roll gently to the front.

• Fewer aisles and forklifts needed
• Provides support for weak pallets
• Accommodates non-standard pallet sizes

Special applications

Regardless of your product load and working environment, Steel King’s engineering team can design a system to fit your need. This rack-supported freezer facility was designed as a space-efficient expansion with insulated panels attached to the sides and top to form sidewalls and a roof.

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Top cart of any depth pushback comes with a center stop restricting the pallet from hanging over the rear of the cart. Acts as a holding stop not allowing pallets placed after the 1st pallet to push this 1st pallet off the cart.
Note This applies to 3, 4 and 5 deep pushback systems.
A stop plate on the rear of the pushback lane stops carts from being pushed off the rear of the system.
Interlocking tabs between carts. When pushing the top cart back it comes in contact with the lower cart, moving the cart indicating that the next pallet can be placed on the cart. When unloading the lower cart comes in contact pulling the top cart forward.
Hold down angle. Pallets at times can form onto the cart when placed for long periods of time. When unloading, the pallet may lift the cart up, this angle will not allow the cart to be lifted with the pallet.
Full width angles welded to the bottom of the lane to maintain spacing between rails. The angles rest on top and vertically against the beams to eliminate twisting and offer a tight fit.
Pushback rails are bolted to the front beam, through prepunched holes which are designed specifically to the system. Two extra holes in the center of the rail on the beam are supplied for optional add on weak pallet rail support or pallet stop. If a pallet changes and requires one or the other, a quick bolt in solution is in place in lieu of field drilling or new components for existing parts.

Pushback Specifications

Rack Designed with 55,000 psi high strength steel and can be custom designed for your specific pallet.
Bed Rails The bed rail is a one-piece welded construction with easy, drop-in installation.
Carts Heavy, four-sided carts provide a large target area for loading and unloading. – Carts ship pre-assembled, ensuring components are square and operate smoothly Interlocking carts alleviate jamming and damage – Each cart is a different color for color-coded “inventory at a glance” Optional cart accessories include pallet supports for weak pallets or wire decks.
Wheels Four (4) 8620 chrome-plated, hardened steel wheels per cart. – Dust- and debris-resistant bearings – 2,000 LB load capacity per wheel
Finish Highly durable, powder coat paint finish offers better gloss, hardness, and adhesion than typical enamel paints – Greater resistance to fork truck impact, solvents, and corrosion – Environmentally friendly.
Options Wire-deck carts close up of wire pushback cart

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