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Snap Guard: Pallet Rack Column Protectors

Steel King’s SK Snap-Guard is an adjustable rack column protector for a boltless rack that protects the upright rack column from forklift damage. Snap-Guard is constructed of structural angle and features an exclusive 4-rivet connection that automatically locks into the upright column. Adjustable, removable, and flexible, Snap-Guard pallet rack column protectors can be used to protect each storage level. It is a great aftermarket addition to any pallet rack installation, Snap-Guard is available through Steel King’s 48-Hour Quick Ship program.

Advantages of Steel King Snap-Guard:

  • Easy aftermarket add-on
  • 4-rivet snap-on connection
  • Auto-engaging safety lock
  • Adjustable in 2” increments
  • Remove and adjust tool available