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Snap Guard: Pallet Rack Column Protectors

Steel King’s SK Snap-Guard is an adjustable rack column protector for a boltless rack that protects the upright rack column from forklift damage. Snap-Guard is constructed of structural angle and features an exclusive 4-rivet connection that automatically locks into the upright column. Adjustable, removable, and flexible, Snap-Guard pallet rack column protectors can be used to protect each storage level. It is a great aftermarket addition to any pallet rack installation, Snap-Guard is available through Steel King’s 48-Hour Quick Ship program.

Advantages of Steel King’s  Snap-Guard Pallet Racking Column Protectors:

  • Easy aftermarket add-on
  • 4-rivet snap-on connection
  • Auto-engaging safety lock
  • Adjustable in 2” increments
  • Remove and adjust the tool available

For more information about our Snap Guard system as well as other available safety products for your warehouse, contact the experts at Steel King to get your questions answered or request a quote below!