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Stac-King stackable rack with wood deck
Tire storage - Stac-King stackable rack

Stac-King Portable Racks

Steel King’s Stac-King® portable stacking racks are the versatile answer to your ever-changing storage, handling, or transporting needs, allowing materials to move through your entire production process all on the same rack.

Even irregular shaped pieces that cannot normally be stacked can fit on our stack racks. The vertical posts allow units to be stacked up to six units high, without load-on-load contact, helping to eliminate product crush damage.

Stack racks protect your loads during handling, stacking and shipping. Stac-King offer superior stacking stability over wooden pallets, while providing comparable weight capacities. And when not in use, portable racks can dismantled for convenient and compact storage.

Our container design engineers have extensive experience designing solutions for virtually every type of  industrial application, including: wire coils, automotive parts, tires, textiles, and more.

  • 4-way (short-fork) base
  • Open or wood board deck
  • Four standard base sizes (custom sizes available)
  • Two post sizes (sold separately)

Stac-King portable racks are highly customizable and make it easy to change from one rack layout to another to fit your workflow with no expensive installation or dismantling costs – a flexible racking option not possible with standard racks. They can also be moved around the warehouse to take advantage of unused space or to accommodate current needs. When not in use and pins removed, they store flat and can be stacked, taking up little warehouse space.

Stac-King are stackable racks that allow for vertical storage because they can be housed six high, allowing you to take advantage of building height. These removable pins also make Stac-King portable racks perfect interplant steel shipping racks, because they can be shipped fully loaded and folded flat upon return.

They are also ideal when you’re renting warehouse space and cannot anchor racking.

Stac-King portable racks are an all-around favorite Steel King Industries storage rack, standard sizes are available in our 48 Hour Quick Ship program.

Custom steel racks are also available.


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