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Die Storage Rack

Forming dies are an integral part to many manufacturing processes, from automobile components to paper clips. Dies present manufacturers and fabricators with many storage problems given their weight, size, and non-stackability. Steel King’s heavy duty industrial steel shelving die storage racks provide the strength, capacity, and flexibility to efficiently store even the largest dies, and still provide greater die selectivity and access wherever needed on the production floor.

Steel King® die racks are perfect for storing dies, motors, jigs, fixtures and other heavy material. Standard Steel King die racks feature a solid metal shelf design allowing die placement anywhere along the shelf, and can accommodate a variety of die sizes. Shelf design allows dies to be slid on or off a shelf for easy access and storage. For optimal storage flexibility, shelves can be designed so that they are removable from the uprights and the heights adjustable in 3″ increments across the entire vertical height of the upright.

Order die rack warehouse shelving and other specialty storage racks from Steel King today.  Request a custom quote on this or any of our other heavy duty steel racks deigned and manufactured by the warehouse storage industry leader.

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