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Pallet rack damage can be extremely costly and dangerous. Damaged racks are more likely to collapse or spill their loads, potentially causing injury and inventory loss. Steel King offers a wide variety of products to guard your rack system against impact and to keep workers and products safe.

It’s inevitable in a busy operation that a forklift will eventually hit your rack upright. While it may not require immediate replacement, the rack capacity will be compromised and may collapse if it is overloaded or loaded incorrectly.

There are many options for avoiding damage in the first place:

Protecting the ends of a pallet-racking row

Steel guardrails

Steel Guard rails can be installed in this role for as much or as little vertical protection as you need. These are the same guardrail systems you might install around an in-plant office or along a production line and are frequently used in rack protection applications due to their versatility and high visibility.

Rack end guards

Specialized rack-end guards that are built to guard a standard 42″ deep rack aren’t as visible as a larger rail, but they’re still highly visible. You install two for a double row. Unlike other guard rails, Steel King’s Guard Dawg wraps around the front column to provide front impact protection. They can be specified for just about any rack depth and let you protect the front and sides of a rack row in one installation.

Frame/post protectors

Floor-mounted, freestanding steel rack protectors (shown at left)

Mounted on the floor in front of each upright, these are the most popular – and highly effective – rack column protectors. These types of rack protectors are extremely common and effective for situations like a forklift backing into an upright, or hitting it while loading or unloading. They’re finished safety yellow and are easy to install or move when needed. They are either 12″ or 18″ high, and are specifically built to protect the most vulnerable part of a rack frame — the base plate and lower leg. They’re economical and durable and much easier and faster to replace than an entire upright.

Welded-on rack protectors (shown at right)

These heavy-duty reinforcements are welded directly to the upright during the manufacturing process. They can be ordered to customs lengths to offer protection beyond 18″ height.

Snap-on steel protectors

These snap-on protectors offer solid steel to help deflect impact. They are attached to the rack’s teardrop holes and snap into place. They can be installed where rack impact is most common – at floor level or higher on the rack face. They can easily be removed, reinstalled, or replaced if needed.

Protect your stock from falls and fire

Pallet load stop beams are designed to prevent pallets of product from being accidentally pushed off the back of a rack. Pallet safety stops also create an acceptable flue space opening between pallets, allowing for ventilation and space for fire suppression sprinklers above the racks to penetrate products stored in racks.

Strengthen rack uprights from the start

Add protection right from the start – just as high as you need it with Column Core inserts for the SK2000® roll form rack. Inserts strengthen the most vulnerable section of your rack frame by 5X their already sturdy frame.

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