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SK4000 Tubular Structural Rack

SK4000 allows several options for sanitary storage

For storage applications involving heavy loads, seismic locations, greater impact resistance, rack-supported buildings, and/or increased vertical heights such as automatic storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), Steel King’s SK4000 Structural Tubular Pallet Rack delivers by combining the load capacity of structural channel racks with the torsional strength of tubular steel. Unlike conventional racks which offer load capacity in the 30,000 lbs. range, the SK4000 Structural Tubular Pallet Rack, with bolted beam connections, has the frame strength to support loads over 70,000 lbs – a heavy duty rack.

Unique among racks, the SK4000 Structural Tubular Pallet Rack can be made to meet your exact preferences for adjustability and cleanliness. The columns may include holes for beam locations throughout the entire rack height, limited to just the locations used, or anything in between.

For maximum sanitation, we can create a rack system with no exposed holes in the columns, making the SK4000 Structural Tubular Pallet Rack the perfect choice for industries in need of a more sanitary storage option, such as food and pharmaceutical facilities.  In addition to the closed tubular columns and bracing, all seamless welding and position drilled beam holes, its columns can be fitted with welded-on caps eliminating all potential gaps for internal contamination.  Tubular rectangle braces can also be rotated 45 degrees creating diamond shaped bracing, with no flat surfaces exposed for potential germ collection – creating the ultimate sanitary rack.

A highly durable, powder coat paint finish on the SK4000 Structural Tubular Pallet Rack offers better gloss, hardness and adhesion than typical enamel paints for greater resistance to fork truck impact, solvents and corrosion.  A choice of twelve standard colors allows color-coding the storage racks by use or for aesthetics.  An optional galvanized finish is also available to meet USDA requirements, making SK4000 an ideal choice for sanitary applications.

Steel King racking is painted with a high-durability powder coat paint finish.

Powder coated products offer better resistance to water and corrosion, better gloss, hardness, and adhesion. In fact, Steel King powder coated products give you:

  • 60% Greater Resistance to Solvents
  • 74% Greater Resistance to Salt Spray
  • 94% Greater Impact Resistance

As a Steel King customer, this means that your equipment looks better, requires less maintenance, and lasts longer. Buying Steel King powder coated products is better for the environment too, because unlike liquid paints, powder coat paints do not emit fumes into the air.

Products come in 13 standard colors. Custom colors are also available.

Mist White Vista Green
Platinum Kelly Green
Yellow Arctic Blue
Apricot Precaution Blue
Poppy Orange Navy Blue
Fire Engine Red Black
Castle Gray    

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