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Is It Safe to Buy Used Pallet Rack?

Posted on Jun 9, 2022
Buying used rack may be okay for straightforward use; but for complexity, longevity, expansion, or seismic issues, new rack is best. In the tough economy, many warehouse managers and owners are tempted to save a little by purchasing used pallet [read more...]
The tremendous gains in efficiency and productivity at distribution and warehouse facilities can easily be lessened by safety breakdowns which can lead to personal injury, equipment, and product damage. That includes costly damage to pallet racking – damage that can [read more...]
The rapid increase in online grocery shopping fueled by the COVID 19 pandemic is creating renewed pressure for greater cold storage capacity and greater efficiencies in those facilities. Online grocery shopping was a growing trend before the pandemic but skyrocketed [read more...]
When properly designed to meet the specific inventory and storage requirements, pallet flow racks maximize storage space and improve shipping logistics. Any warehouse or distribution center with limited floor space that needs high-density storage or automatic rotation of inventory on [read more...]

Round Corner Corrugated Containers

Posted on Sep 28, 2020
The Lasting Solution to Rugged, Low-Cost Bulk Parts Storage The all-purpose industrial container is built for abuse, custom to the application.   Heavy corrugated steel sides and deck make Steel King’s Round Corner Corrugated Containers a rugged, low-cost, all-purpose solution [read more...]

Why Powder Coat?

Posted on Sep 11, 2020
There are several advantages to powder coating – and its process – over wet painting. We are all familiar with the wet paint process – pigment within a water- or solvent-base is sprayed to coat a surface. While at first [read more...]