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Column Core increases the impact resistance of rack uprights by 200%

Column Core

Forklift damage is the core factor in about 90% of rack failures. Get to the heart of the solution with Column Core® industrial rack reinforcement by Steel King. Column Core is exclusively available as a component to Steel King’s SK2000® boltless pallet racks, the benchmark pallet rack system in the storage market. Column Core’s unique C-shaped column reinforcement takes a rack that’s already 2-1/2 times more impact resistant than open-back uprights and doubles its impact resistance.

With Column Core, your SK2000 boltless pallet racks are a full five times more impact-resistant at the front corners and sides where the upright is most vulnerable. Column Core advantages:

  • Retain full beam height adjustability
  • Reduce puncturing, buckling, and torsional twisting
  • Increase protection without additional installation costs
  • Reinforce only as high as needed in your storage environment

Brace yourself for reduced pallet rack damage, contact Steel King, and ask for Column Core.

Actual reinforcements are not powder-coated. The reinforcement shown is powder-coated for added emphasis and detail.

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