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SK3400 Pallet Flow Rack

SK3400® is a two-part gravity flow storage system consisting of wheeled flow rails set into a stationary rack structure. This allows the user to optimize warehouse space and provide better inventory control for perishable and time sensitive products in a FIFO environment. SK3400® Pallet Flow systems are entirely gravity fed, which reduce handling costs. The flow rails are set at an incline in the rack structure, allowing loads placed on one end of the rack to move down to the unloading end. Rollers let the loads move smoothly while self-energized speed controllers act as gentle brakes. As a load is removed, the loads behind it move forward automatically. SK3400 Pallet Flow rack systems allows users to increase product storage density with fewer aisles and forklifts.

The modular design allows for easy expansion, as it can fully integrate with other Steel King rack systems. Other benefits include:

  • Full range of standard sizes and capacities
  • Installs easily by your personnel or ours
  • Economical to purchase and maintain
  • Connection plates welded to beam
  • Pawl – anti-backup device
  • Exit beam serves as pallet stop

The flow system depth, height and width are limited only by the size of your facility and the capabilities of your material handling equipment.

Steel King ensures the proper system design to fit your pallet, product and workflow. Gravity flow storage solutions are provided by staff with the highest level of expertise and innovation in the industry.  Registered engineers design all Steel King products to conform to strict industry safety codes. In addition, rail types, rail pitch and brake spacing go through rigorous testing procedures.

Applications for the SK3400® Pallet Flow system would include raw materials receiving and storing, work-in-process, buffer storage, finished goods, order picking, cross docking, and other environments that require product density storage without increasing the warehouse footprint.

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