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Warehouse professionals in the automotive industry include both those providing warehouse solutions during the manufacturing process, as well as warehousing automotive parts for aftermarket sales. Both fields are rapidly changing, being transformed by technology, automation and new business models.

Whether you’re building a distribution center from the ground up or managing an existing facility, Steel King® can help with custom steel racks, work-in-process containers, custom shipping racks or steel pallets.

Carrying a wide breadth of selective racks, we can customize a pallet rack system for your needs. SK2000® Closed Back Tubular Boltless rack, SK2500® Closed Back Tubular Bolted rack, and SK3000® Structural Channel rack can be configured as standard selective rack or used in the design of Drive In storage rack / Drive Thru rack, Double Deep Rack, Die racks and Pick Modules.

Steel King has a long history of supplying work-in-process containers to the automotive industry, including our WorkingTainer®, Hold ’n Fold® collapsible steel containers, Stac-King® portable racks and industrial containers.

KingLoad steel pallets are long lasting options to wood because they are reusable and ideal for interplant shipping. Standard capacity is 5,800 pounds.

For custom steel shipping racks, we’re a perfect partner. All racks are fabricated from 100% American made steel. We offer in-house engineering, design, prototyping, laser/plasma cutting, CNC machining, welding, powder coating & assembling.

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