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Construction & building materials

Whether you visit a library, school, hospital or are in the comfort of your own home, you recognize the value that construction and building professionals bring to the lives of people on a daily basis. If you’re in the building industry or serve those who are, you understand the unique storage requirements for the products used. You want to partner with an industrial pallet rack supplier who understands that warehouse racking needs to allow easy loading and unloading of materials, as well as offer storage flexibility.

Steel King Cantilever storage rack allows full use of space from side to side on each level so it’s possible to store items or materials of varying lengths without interference or modification to the rack structure. Because arms are adjustable, you can change heights between levels as needed. Steel King® Cantilever rack is also available in a two-sided, I-Beam Cantilever configuration.

Safely and efficiently store these products on a Steel King Cantilever System:

  • Pipe, tubing, bar stock
  • Lumber and other sheet products
  • Base molding and trims
  • Appliances, furniture, electronics, cabinets, windows, doors
  • Counter tops
  • Rugs, bolts of fabric, flooring
  • Unusually shaped items such as countertops
  • Outdoor and landscape products
  • Conduit, rolls

A-Frame Rack is another option for storing base molding and trims vertically.

Building product storage warehouses are busy environments. Incorporate Over Dock Rack for a safe and tidy dock area because it creates pallet shelving in an otherwise unused space. Or consider an elevated Work Platform for in-plant storage or office area.

Looking for a substantial pallet for those heavy building materials? Consider KingLoad steel pallets with standard capacity of 5,800 lbs. They’re reusable and perfect for in-plant shipping.

Protect your investment with steel rack protectors or industrial guard rail. We offer these as well as a full line of safety products.

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