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The demands of the refrigerated warehousing market are like no other. You’re searching for innovative cold storage warehouse rack that can accommodate a constantly changing market. You’re seeking high density storage that takes into account the timeliness that perishables require, and to do so in an environmentally responsible way, whether that’s through recyclable packaging, carbon footprint reduction or equipment that promotes operator safety.

Steel King knows that your system needs include a high throughput, design flexibility and a pallet rack system that easily expands as demand increases.

Freezer and cooler storage pallet rack must withstand some of the greatest forklift abuse in warehouse material handling. This can be attributed to a number of factors including confined space, slick surfaces, and cold temperatures ranging from 31° down to -20°F that slow driver reflexes and make impact more frequent. Steel King® can help you develop a pallet rack system solution that not only helps to maximize storage density in cooler and freezer warehouse storage, but can also withstand rough forklift handling with minimal maintenance or downtime, dramatically lowering the total cost of ownership over the product lifetime

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Because we manufacture a full breadth of product lines, we have multiple options to select from to design an industrial rack system that satisfies your refrigerated warehouse racking needs, including:

  • SK2000® Boltless Closed Back Tubular Rack is a high performing boltless selective storage rack that can be used in Double Deep, Pick Module systems, Mini Load AS/RS and Carton Flow applications.
  • SK2500® Bolted Closed Back Tubular Rack is a high performing bolted selective storage rack that can be used in Double Deep, Drive In/Drive Thru racking, Pallet Flow, Pushback and AS/RS.
  • SK3000® Structural Channel heavy duty rack is ideal for refrigerated and frozen applications as the foundation for selective storage rack, Drive In storage, Gravity Flow storage such as Pallet Flow racks and Pushback racks, and Over Dock pallet storage.
  • SK4000® Structural Tubular Rack is used when seismic zone consideration is needed. It’s also a top choice for rack-supported and AS/RS systems requiring refrigeration. We’ve created a sanitary version of this product with welded-on caps and fewer holes to catch debris.
  • Drive-In / Drive-Through Rack is a cost-effective, high density storage system that allows easy forklift access to pallets that are loaded onto horizontal rails.
  • SK3400® Pallet Flow Rack is a dynamic system for FIFO inventory control that can be used for storage or order picking in refrigerated environments.
  • SK3600® Pushback Rack is a high density dynamic application designed for LIFO inventory storage in refrigerated environments.

Contact us today for a needs analysis to learn which system is best for your application.

Steel King® also offers a full line of guard rail and column protection products.

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