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Bar Racks

Bar Racks

Steel King Bar Racks can handle and store 20,000 pounds or more of steel, bars, rods, tubing, flats, extrusions or other long products per rack.

Horizontal Bar Storage Racks are designed to be handled by fork lifts or overhead cranes.














Steel King bar racks are also designed to be stacked.  Steel King bar rack stack height is only limited by the overhead crane equipment.








Using Steel King Bar Racks creates a highly dense, yet organized storage system for steel, bars, rods, tubing, flats, angles, extrusions or other long products.

When ordering horizontal bar racks, you will need to provide pertinent information including the length, weight and flexibility of the stored materials, existing crane capacity, type of overhead crane "grab" to be used, and whether the bar racks need to be able to interstack with existing units.

Steel King bar racks can be designed to work with overhead cranes using automatic grabs, mechanical grabs and flange type grabs.  Steel King can recommend a "Grab" manufacture or a Steel King grab can me designed and manufactured for you.







Standard horizontal bar rack sizes range from:

  • 8 - 16 feet in length,
  • 16 - 24 inches in width, and
  • 10 - 24 inches in depth.

When choosing a rack length, it is important to remember that if your product is rigid enough, up to 20% of the load can overhang each end of the rack and still be properly supported by the rack.

Steel King will also custom engineer and manufacture any size bar rack to meet your requirements.



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